RIBBON CUTTING: Gilead Fitness Re-Opening

Gilead Fitness Group at Ribbon Cutting

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RIBBON CUTTING: Gilead Fitness Re-Opening

MOUNT GILEAD — A new chapter opened in February for the Morrow County Community Center with its new name “Gilead Fitness,” a new logo and 24/7 access to the gym.

“It’s really exciting to see all the new changes you’ve made,” said Chamber of Commerce member Erin Kelty at the Chamber’s ribbon cutting for the gym Thursday.

“What you have achieved is really great for the community and the county,” Kelty added.

The name “Gilead Fitness” (GF) was chosen by a member survey and members are most excited about the new 24/7 access to the gym with a fob.

The gym is now open for members seven days a week with 24 hour access. When they sign up, each member receives a “fob,” which opens the front door….  (Read the rest of article here)

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