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Solution for Ohio Employers And Job Seekers Alike

Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted announced the launch of a new, innovative resource on that links Ohio job seekers with potential employment opportunities through the information provided on their resume.

“SkillsMatch” fulfills a promise made by the DeWine-Husted Administration to design a match-making application that connects people seeking work to businesses that are hiring. Supported by detailed data on the newly redesigned OhioMeansJobs website, this unique resource extracts job seekers’ skills from their resumes and links them to a job-match recommendation based on those skills.

The easy-to-use resource allows job seekers to directly upload their resume to, select the skills on their resume that they’d like matched with potential job opportunities, and watch in real-time as the tool displays which skills line up with a particular job posting. Additionally, SkillsMatch will show job seekers which skills are missing from their resume based on keywords in job postings on the site, giving them the opportunity to improve and update their resume so they can have a better chance of matching with the kind of position they are seeking.

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