Geocaching in Morrow County and Mt Gilead, Ohio

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Geocaching 101

Geocaching in our own backyard?

It looks like we can find a cache or two here in Morrow County! Wether you’ve heard about geocaching before or not, check out this fun way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Here are Ten tips for newbies looking for their first geocache.

Morrow County, Ohio

Welcome to Morrow County! As of the 2020 census, the population was 34,950. The county was organized in 1848 from parts of four neighboring counties and was named for Jerimiah Morrow, the 9th governor of Ohio. The Shawnee people used the area for hunting purposes before the white settlers arrived in the early 19th Century. Morrow County is rich in history, architectural structures and famous people born here.
Created by mjhart85
Let’s go on this Adventure: Welcome to Morrow County! 

Mt Gilead, Ohio

Welcome to the Village of Mt. Gilead, the county seat of Morrow County. As of 2019, the population of the village was 3,678 residents. We are located 41 miles northeast of Columbus and considered the center of population of Ohio. Established in 1832, eight years after the first settlers. Before that it, it was the hunting area for the Shawnee tribe. Mt. Gilead holds several distinctions of which you will see during your visit here.
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Let’s go on this Adventure: Welcome to Mount Gilead, OH

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