CMM Mobility Solutions Center Opens

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CMM Mobility Solutions Center opens

The Morrow County Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting and open house Friday for the CMM (Crawford Marion Morrow) Mobility Solutions Center.

Mobility Manager Tim Maceyko explained that the center is open for people to contact if they have questions about transportation or want to know what transportation options exist in Crawford, Marion and Morrow counties.

The office is located at 4565 County Road 9 at the former site of Morrow County Transit MCAT.

Along with knowledge about transportation resources in the tri-county area, Maceyko can also assist with items and resources to help improve coordination and mobility in transportation.

The center also provides driver training sessions such as DRIVE/Passenger Assistance Technique and CPR/First aid for drivers. Maceyko is qualified as Mobility Manager to work with Health Center staff to identify options for Medicaid patients and obtain grants.

Maceyko said that CMM Mobility is 80 percent funded with federal funds through an Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) grant. The remaining 20 percent is funded locally and divided among the three counties participating in the program.

Diane Matuch works at the center as Mobility Specialist. She answers calls and helps people coordinate transportation services for seniors, veterans and people with special needs.

Jamie Zeger of Morrow County Area Transit (MCAT) said they are already working with CMM Solutions to coordinate transportation for Morrow, Marion and Crawford counties. They refer to the center when they get questions about transportation they can’t answer.

MCAT is available to all Morrow County residents for their transportation needs both in and out of Morrow County.

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