Area High School Students Earn $1.7 million in College Credit

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Three high school students received associate’s degrees

(Marion) More than 800 area high school students earned 10,000 credit hours at Marion Technical College this past year through the College Credit Plus program at no cost to the students or their parents. This saved them more than $1.7 million in tuition. In addition, three high school students graduated with their associate’s degrees before they graduated from high school.

Jennafer Kibler of Marion received her Associate of Applied Science in Human and Social Services at age 18. She’s been taking classes at Marion Technical College for four years through the College Credit Plus program.

“MTC was a great school. I loved everything about it there. The faculty were great,” Kibler stated.

Kibler, a homeschooled student, saw her sister, Bethany, earn college credit at MTC before graduating from high school and followed in her footsteps.

“We saved $20,000-$40,000!” exclaimed Jennafer’s mother, Lora Kibler of Crawford County. “A relative went to a private Ohio college for a year and ended with $20,000 in debt. I think this is a great program.”

Kibler remarked that both of her daughters felt at home at MTC. “We loved the teachers. The advisors made sure the credits transferred to other colleges.”

Bethany Kibler transferred and completed her bachelor’s degree. Jennafer plans to do so as well.

“I’m so proud. She’s worked hard. She’s very independent, very hands-on, and very organized,” Lora Kibler shared.

The College Credit Plus program at MTC has been a strong one, serving students across the region.

“With so many parents and students concerned about the cost of college, free college credit, a certificate, or an associate degree make it affordable,” said Ryan McCall, President of MTC. “In addition, teens who can do college level work are more likely to graduate from college. They already have the skills they need to succeed.”

Thousands of area high school students have come to MTC through the College Credit Plus program and saved millions in tuition, books, and fees. Here are some of the top local participants:

High School Students Credits Tuition saved
Pleasant 151 1,976 $335,920
Highland 94 1,180 $200,600
Harding 133 968 $164,560
Upper Sandusky 70 802 $136,340
North Union 79 787 $133,790
River Valley 58 540 $91,800
Northmor 37 445 $75,650
Mt. Gilead 53 436 $74,120
Cardington 41 430 $73,100
Riverdale 52 349 $59,330
Elgin 54 338 $57,460
Ridgedale 31 290 $49,300
Wynford 21 253 $43,010
Bucyrus 32 186 $31,620
Delaware Hayes 17 181 $30,770
Tri-Rivers 20 148 $25,160

“Marion should be so proud of the students who are working hard to get ahead from a young age,” said Tiffany Wade, Director of the College Credit Plus Program. “These students get a head start on life, their goals, and their careers without being burdened by student loans.”

MTC faculty teach college courses in area high schools, on the Marion Campus and online. Those interested in learning more about the program can call 740-389-4636, email or visit

Since opening its doors 47 years ago, nearly 50,000 local residents have walked through the doors to learn new skills, earn new certifications and degrees, and open up new career and educational opportunities. For more, go to or call (740) 389-4636.

Attached photo: Professor Sam Wolfe poses with Jennafer Kibler at graduation in May at the Marion Palace Theatre.

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