An Unprecedented Surge in Cybercrime has been Overshadowed by COVID-19


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The world has been gripped by the pandemic of 2020 and the far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 virus has disrupted all aspects of life. Another but another epidemic has surged and that is cybercrime.  A recent report by Homeland Security Today indicated cybercrime has increased by an astonishing 63% during the pandemic as criminals take advantage of the uncertainty and quickly implemented security systems due to the stay-at-home orders. 

Manufacturers have been especially hit hard. Another report details an increase in cybercrime of 140% against manufacturers with ransomware attacks leading the way. Ransomware has been especially crippling to companies who can ill afford to be shut down let alone see all operations cease while the determination is made to pay the ransom or as companies weigh the impact of lost data and time. 

Many businesses believe they are too small for a cybercriminal to care about, but that is naïve thinking.  Small companies are just as susceptible as large companies and they often lack some of the sophisticated deterrents and security measures.  

To aid Morrow County businesses in developing their cybersecurity strategy, the Morrow County Chamber of Commerce, the Morrow County Development Office, and the MEP at Columbus State will host a free webinar to focus on using Cybersecurity Analysis to Protect Your Business Against Increasing Cybercrime. MEP partner Maple Woods Enterprises will serve as the subject matter expert to guide the discussion and provide insight to the companies. 

  • Businesses that wished to attend could register for free on date, but here is a recorded version of the webinar or click button below.
  • Grab your own lunch and spend your lunch hour with us virtually for this webinar.

Virtual Lunch & Learn held February 16 at Noon:

Below is a testimonial of the importance of completing a Cybersecurity Analysis and Protecting Your Business Against Cybercrime:

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